Carb Rebuild Kits

3 enquiries about this for concentric Mk1 carbs in one day so best reply here.
I really wonder about carb “rebuild kits” – people think they can get one of these kits Amal offer and it will magically make their carbs like new again. Most used Amals I see
have been so used and abused they are junk and I hate to see people waste their money.
In all honesty and responsibility I prefer to level with customers rather than rip them off with something which won’t solve their problems.
Only if the slide to body wear is still OK and the pilot circuit is completely clean – MUST pressure check from all 4 directions -then you can go with the following:
New needle jet – this is the highest wear part in the carb and is usually overlooked!
New needle if original is worn or damaged (usually not) but check 2.67″ long so a previous owner has not fitted the wrong one.  4 Strokes all use part no 622/124
Gasket and o ring set
Stay up float kit
New viton tipped aluminum float needle – only use in concentric carbs, stick with the brass type for monoblocs.
If you have one of the very early carbs with a screwed in rather than pressed in pilot jet, my advice is get a new carb, don’t try top fix it.  This is discussed in detail in an earlier blog.
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