Renold Motorcycle Chains

half link

The most common Renold chains we sell are single row rear types 5/8 X 3/8 (110056/530), 5/8 X 1/4 (110054/520), single row primary type 1/2 X 5/16 (110046/429) and primary types two row (114038) and three row (116038).

These chains are supplied in even numbers of links – eg 110056/110 for a 110 link rear chain. It is best to fit the chain and then cut it to length to suit the bike it is going on – the number of links required might well not be that specified for the bike, due to the sprockets having been changed.  Also, do not replace it automatically with the number of links of the old chain which may well have stretched and a new one might be too short.

Quite often the number of links required might come to an odd number and a customer recently found the above 1/2 link (Renold type No.12) and wanted to know why we don’t stock it.  Form a common sense perspective I don’t think I’d like this part on my bike, held together with a crude split/cotter pin and thought it looked more like an industrial chain component.  To be on the safe side I referred this to my UK Renold distributor who confirmed that this is not part of the Renold motorcycle catalogue and must not be used on a motorcycle.  To achieve an odd number of links Renold No. 30 1 1/2″ link component must be used.  Eg 110056/30 for a rear type 530 chain.   Ideally this should be fitted with a properly installed rivet link No 107.  Renold do recommend that rivet links should be used in preference to regular spring clip master links No 26 however the latter are OK in regular use as long as in good condition and fitted with the closed end of the clip moving it the forward direction of the chain. The VRRA allows type 26 to be used for racing as long as the clip is safety wired.


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