Castrol Classic Motor Oil


The lubrication requirements of classic motorcycle and car engines are vastly different from those of modern vehicles.

Modern vehicle oils have to comply with the latest API ratings, dealing with matters such as fuel efficiency and extended drain intervals.

Older vehicles have different requirements, with cork and graphite seals and depend on splash and cling and splash lubrication, running with larger clearances.  These engines require different oil formulations for which Classic oils have been designed.

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We will be bringing in from the UK a supply of 20/50 Castrol Classic oil at the end of April.  Order Part No CAS20W50XL  $18.52 Canadian per liter ($14.08 US at today’s rate of exchange)


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  1. marp2013 says:

    This Classic Oil subject has been a hot topic of conversation for many years. The existence of this new product from Castrol was kindly brought to my attention by my customer Michel Mersereau who commented on it not currently being available in North America.

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