London CVMG chapter

london cvmg rally 2017

Giving a seminar on British parts at the annual rally yesterday

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Fitting Avon Race Tires

In response to a commonly asked question – the tire should be installed with blue stripe (spot) adjacent to the valve.

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Matchless G80 Cam followers 03-0140

We now have a source for these hard to find parts – as used on late model G80CS etc.  $62.82 Canadian each.  Quantities are limited.

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Exciting new Parts at Walridge

Exciting New Parts, all made in England
Prices in Canadian $.  Reduce by 22% to convert to US $ at today’s rate
polyurethane steel lined belt – can be run dry
or in oil
Includes FAG sealed bearing
PART NO NORTN01 $507.65 
From the top:
D324S/S – Standard UK A10 & A65
97-1870S/S – 1966-72 TRIUMPH 650 &
                       1971- 72 BSA A65
42-4968S/S –  1967-70 BSA EXPORT A50/65,
                       B44VE/VS & 1969- 70 A75
06-1046S/S – 1971-74 EXPORT COMMANDO
06-4132S/S – 1968-75 EUROPEAN COMMANDO
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Saturday July 8th Highway 4, through the town of Lucan will be closed and over 7,000 motorcyclists and friends will visit.  Live bands, food stores an vendors line the Main Street. Don’t miss this event.

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Oil starvation after bike falls over

This may be an old wives’ tale but doesn’t hurt to mention it.  Guy with Triumph twin fitted with Morgo rotary oil pump knocked his bike over onto its side  accidentally.   Picked it up and after riding a short distance the motor seized solid.  Seems that while the bike was on its side an air lock had developed around the oil pump.

Ideally he should have loosened an oil line hose clip to bleed any air from the feed line but at the very least he should have removed the oil tank cap, after starting the bike, and ran it for a while to check for good oil return.   This is something you MUST do after every engine rebuild or oil change.   In fact some Norton owners’ handbooks recommended when starting the bike from cold you should put your finger over the return hole in the top of the tank in order to force more oil to the rockers.  This of course before Matchless engineers redesigned the rocker oiling system for them and moved the feed to the back of the timing cover.

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European fork gaiters don’t fit

Comes up all the time – customer complaints (some even get nasty) saying that long type Norton Commando (06-5743) and 1971 on Triumphs (97-1510) are way to small at the lower end to fit over the sliders.

These are made in Italy, as original, and they will stretch and fit – do it somewhere warm and use a little tire soap.

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