Walridge Annual Sale/ Barber Vintage Festival

We are just putting the finishing touches to it and if we have your email address on file you should receive your copy within the next 24 hours.   Anyone who has purchased from us within the last 2 years and for whom we do not have an email address will receive a copy in the mail.  We will get the flyer up on our home page as soon as possible.

If you want a copy sending to you just send an email request to sales@walridge.com

We will have copies of the flyer at our booth (row I, spaces 20 & 21) at the Braber Vintage Festival next weekend.

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Amal (Burlen Fuel Systems) have had production problems in particular with 30mm concentrics (regular and premier types) due to manufacturing problems with the bodies.

A new supplier has been found and the bodies will be available very soon. We have over 50 of these on backorder and apologize for the delays and inconvenience this has caused to customers.  We have been advised that all backorders should be caught up before the end of November and that timely deliveries will be available thereafter.

Other carbs on back order (monoblocs and pre-monoblocs) should all be here within the next 4 weeks.


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Frequently asked question!

Apart from Tri-Spark Triple kits which use three 12 volt coils, all twins and Boyer triple kits use two or three 6 volt coils.  Actually  some guys prefer 4 volt coils for triples with electric start.

Basically, the ignition systems need primary total resistance of the coils to be between 3 and 7 ohms.  The lower the resistance the brighter the spark. If below 3 ohms too much current will flow and damage the transistor box and if over 7 ohms the spark will be weak or non-existent.

Commandos from 1971 and T160 Triumphs have 6 volt coils as stock. A ballast resistor (which must be removed if fitting electronic ignition) reduces voltage to the coils to 6 volts.

Various 2 lead coils are available.  The one we have had the best success with is the Dyna 5 ohm type.  2 lead coils (most especially Boyer brand) generally need to be heat sinked and kept in a good air flow.

Which way around to wire the low tension leads?  It doesn’t make much difference – on a positive ground bike if you wire the positive terminal to ground the spark will jump from the plug’s central electrode outwards – wire it negative ground and it will jump the other way.    With 2 lead coils one spark will jump one way and one the other.

Best coils – the consensus seems to be that the expensive German PVL type are the best and we have never ever had a warranty claim on one having sold thousands over the last 30 years. The new “genuine” Lucas type seem to be good and a lot have been sold with only one claimed problem – as yet to be returned and tested.  Tri-Spark also offer their own coils which seem to be very good.


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Matchless Tool Box lids 04-8300

04-8300Rare and much sought after part fits most twins (including N15CS) and singles (apart from G80CS) 1963 onwards.  We have just had 100 made – order by part no 04-8300 $116.90 Canadian.

Coming soon – Matchless & AJS drivers footrests for most heavyweight road bikies 1951 onwards 01-8601 $60.45.

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Oil Pressure gauges – really necessary?

This has come up before several times but I keep getting asked for them.

Most British twins blow up because the sludge trap gets blocked and the left hand big end seizes.  Visit any dealer with a bunch of used crankcases and you will see it is invariably the left hand one with the hole in it.  No oil pressure gauge is going to warn you about that.

Also if the copper or hard plastic line from the motor to the gauge should break you will soon end up with oil all over your back wheel.

Ok the electric switches are OK but more importantly before every ride I recommend you check your tire pressures, lube your chain and check your oil level (and check the return with the engine running).

Miles engineering do make a very nice looking oil pressure gauge for Commando’s and notwithstanding my comments above I sell them because people ask for them. Personally I could find a better use for $200.00


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2017 Isle of Man TT DVD

2017 TT

Just arrived, four hours of non stop action featuring highlights from all the races together with interviews, analysis and much more.   Order Part No DV-TT2017 $25.00 Canadian.

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London CVMG chapter

london cvmg rally 2017

Giving a seminar on British parts at the annual rally yesterday

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