Boyer kits for Cubs/ 6 to 12 volt conversions

Was asked at the Barber event about fitting the above.  Ernie Bransden advises that as long as the bike is converted to 12 volt electrics, their side points or distributor singles kits will work.  The only problem would be if the 5 wire AC stator was fitted – this would have to be replaced by a regular 2 or 3 wire stator.

Converting 6 volt alternator bikes to 12 volts is actually a very simple procedure and is covered well in the 1960-74 Lucas Equipment Service Manual (Walridge Part no 110317).

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OK – sorry it should have been ready October 1st.  The current sale will now run to January 15th 2017.   If we have your email address on file you will get the flyer automatically. Emma should have it sent out and up on the Web Site tomorrow.  Send us an email to with your name and email address if you would like to be added to our mailing list.  We won’t “spam” you with specials more than half a dozen times a year and will not share our mailing list with anyone else.

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What year is it?

This comes up all the time and I’ve mentioned it before.   A substantial proportion of the bikes on North American roads are not the year stated in their titles or ownership documents.  If a dealer had say a 1967 Bonneville sitting in his showroom for two years and sold it in 1969 it would get registered as a 1969.   So he buys a bunch of parts for a 1969 and gets upset with us because they don’t fit or are threaded incorrectly. It is absolutely essential that you confirm, from the engine and frame numbers, what year the bike is. We are happy to help with this.  It’s bad enough dealing with all the incorrect and non-standard parts the DPO (dreaded previous owner) has fitted.

Of course all the licensing authorities are now tied in by computer to all the manufacturers’ records so this in no longer a problem.


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Reproduction Speedo’s

Coming very soon!  Grey and black Faced Speedo’s for 2:1 rear drives. Grey face type 26652 and black 26651 $106.42 Canadian each – that’s a lot less in US dollars – check our home page for current conversion rate.

Most British bikes up to the mid 1960’s had 2:1 drive boxes and 500cc twins stayed that way right into the 1970’s.  Grey faces would be used up to 1969 and black thereafter.

The black faced instruments could also be fitted as suitable visual replacements for the chronometric types used up to 1963 but if you do this remember to fit a magnetic type drive cable with the longer top nut


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20″ Rims and Tires

Quite a lot of British bikes used 20″ rims, especially on the front. Rims we can get correctly drilled for all applications to special order.  We carry 300 X 20 Avon Speedmaster ribbed front tires and also a block pattern 300 X 20 tire by Mitas which will fit front or rear. I don’t think anyone makes a 20″ tube but those for 21″ fit fine.

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We get asked frequently whether its worth paying the extra for the premier type concentric mk1 carbs.

The regular type are, dare I say it, made much better than they were years ago and do give good service.  As I’ve said many time, the often neglected needle jet is one of the highest wearing parts and quite often rich running can be experienced after say only 10,000 miles.  Replacing these jets on either type of carb usually fixes the problem.

Both types now have stay up floats and the new viton tipped aluminum float needles. The big differences are the very nicely made hard anodized slides and the removable, cleanable pilot jets in the premier carbs.  One nice feature with the regular type is that there is now a  removable screwed plug giving access to the back of the pilot jet and the gas feed passage from the float bowl to the jet. This was previously an area which was almost impossible to clean.

One thing I should mention is that the aluminum float needles (622/197AL) do not work with Monobloc carbs for which you should still use the heavier brass type (622/197).

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Nova Scotia vacation


Just returned from a really nice vacation on the East Coast.  My friend Colin Warman in Halifax lent me this beautiful low mileage G15Mk2 and with him on his 69 Bonnie we covered some 300 kms along the beautiful Nova Scotia back roads.  High light of the ride was to drop in at British Cycle Supply where Wayne showed us around.  Mark, the boss, was away but he did call me to say I was welcome to visit as long as I didn’t offer Wayne a job.


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