A customer asked if there is a difference between UK and North American fuses. Here’s my reply:

Absolutely!  British fuses are rated by blow rate and North American by flow rate.

A 32 amp British fuse is designed to carry a current of 16 amps and will blow at 32.  An American 32 amp fuse is designed to carry a current of 32 amps and won;t blow until it is substantially higher than that.
Fit a 32 amp American fuse to your British bike and if you get a short (quite common on BSA’s from my personal experience) you will be at best buying a new harness and at worst putting out a fire.


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2 Responses to Fuses

  1. Jon Rooke says:

    That is an excellent tip!

  2. Cam says:

    So, do I go with 16 amp American fuse in my 69 Commando?

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